Click Unfollow on Fear

Yes, I stole that title from an Ariana Grande song but damn, is it a snazzy one. I think we all have things that hold us back from our true dreams in life.  


Personally, I'm at a strange transitional stage where life has opened up the opportunity for me to do anything I want. It's a bit scary. When you jump towards any dream whether in your career or relationship, we are changing our whole life. Our life is now molded around that dream versus just living an average day to day. With apps, like Instagram, the dream is constantly in our face. One perfect snapshot at a time, we are projecting parts of ourselves onto each image. We project why we could never have this and why we deserve whatever this photo holds, all at once.


We create reasons to not launch towards our dreams. We create arbitrary benchmarks, deadlines, or things we "need" in order to start. But the only thing we need to start is ourselves. We are capable of what we dream to have or become. 

All you have to do is live your life in line with the dream. Whatever you do, do it with your dream in mind. Don't spend money on a holiday when you're saving up to buy a fleet of sailboats for tours. Don't sleep with randoms if you're trying to get the girl of your dreams to commit. Don't buy a cat when you want a golden retriever. I mean, it's pretty simple. We are our own worst enemies.


Just do it, like Nike. Each step, each thought, let it be for what you wish to achieve. Great pep talk, everyone. Now, I have to get back to my 3 other projects and build my dreams. What are you all working on?