5 Sunday Habits To Cultivate

Getting Active  

I know everyone’s New Year’s resolution is always to get fit and healthy, but I really do believe that starting your week actively is the best way to do it. Not only will you receive an energy boost from the endorphins running through your body, but if you have a late night at the office and can’t make it to the gym, you feel less guilty because you started your week with the work out. Also, it doesn’t always have to be the gym necessarily. A good hike or a really long dog walk will do too; it’s just something to get your body moving. 


Meal Prep

I do this one begrudgingly, but I do it nonetheless. I’m not saying that you have to make every single meal at the beginning of the week, stick it in the freezer and microwave it (though that would be a great idea), but rather to organize yourself for the week. For example, I know that I am more of a grazer than a “three meals a day“ person. If I don’t prep snacks for the week, I’ll end up eating candy instead. 

To save me from myself, I measure out the appropriate amount of almonds and raisins in advance and put them in to tiny round Tupperware that I can throw into my bag. I also buy different snack bars that are gluten-free and vegan but filled with protein and then jam them into the bottom of my purse. At some point, I know I will inevitably forget lunch because work got too busy or I was on a photo shoot and that bar will stop me from eating gluten-free pizza and waiting till I make it home to my pre-washed kale in the fridge.

Some people like to chop the vegetables at the beginning of the week, but instead I buy pre-chopped vegetables because I am that lazy. You can be both lazy and prepared. 

Filling in Your Calendar  

I honestly would lose my head if it wasn’t attached to my body, or inadvertently ditch my friends if there’s nothing written in my calendar. Take time on Sunday to go through your emails and messages at the beginning of the week in order to ensure that you have put them in the calendar so you actually show up to the commitments you’ve made.  It’s absolutely horrible, but because my brain kind of runs a mile a minute and I’m always worried about everything, I frequently will forget that I promised to do something until someone sends me a message asking “hey are you coming?” So I have learned to not be inconsiderate and put everything in my calendar. Also, I find that helps a lot with the stress of waking up thinking “crap I was definitely meant to do something today but I don’t know what.”


 Self Care  

 Run the bath, get out the bubbles, put on a face mask, and drink a green juice, because the week is coming for you. It’s best to be well rested before the office grind, late meet ups, daily stresses, and wondering if you’ll squeeze in that Barry’s Bootcamp. Love yourself. You deserve it after the long week and the tireless end of saying no to your social calendar.



In the endless world of scroll, scroll, scroll, decide to stop living through other people’s highlight reel. It makes you feel shit and does nothing to help your long-term happiness. We need time to reflect, think, and settle our minds without outside influence. Set away some time to journal or meditate or stare at the wall if that works for you. The important thing is that you check in with yourself, your body, and goals.