Why You Should Listen To Your Body

For most of my life, I have been told the profoundly wise words, “listen to your body,” and ignored them. I felt that I didn’t need to listen to my body. I had things to do and if I was fatigued or run down, my body was just going to have to be neglected. I wanted to have fun, not get enough sleep. I wanted to make money, not rest. I wanted to be Kate Moss thin, not to actually work out. Needless to say, like the machine it is, my body ran out of oil, the check engine light popped on and my routine would invariably get shut down by the flu or injury or aches and pains. Now, at the wise age of 28, I have embraced the idea of “listen to your body” and I have three convincing arguments as to why you should wise up too.


Your Body is a Temple

I received this sage advice from every older woman when they were giving me “the birds and the bees” talk. Frankly, I don’t care who you give it up to (as long as it’s consensual), but there is truth to it in another way. Your body is like a sacred building. If there is a hurricane 365 days of the year, mini sporadic fires, and people throwing their garbage at it, the temple isn’t going to last very long. But this is the only temple you will ever have. You can alter it. You can change it. You can put injectable fillers into it, but all that won’t get you a new one. So, you want to make sure you bring a level of worship to it. Otherwise, that wear and tear means you’ll miss out on having any kind of place to call home.


You’re Gonna Run Out Of Gas

Yeah, I did compare your body to another inanimate object but like a car, you need to refuel to be able to keep going. What happens when a car on a high going 80 mph suddenly stops? Well, it probably gets hit by another car and crashes. That’s what is going to happen to you. It won’t be fun and it’s probably going to hurt, whether it’s catching a horrible flu because your immune system is worn down, or injuring yourself by doing something in a dumb way while fatigued. That’s when you’re going to wish you stayed in at the weekend instead of doing 2 weeks in bed. Treat your body as well as you would your Aston Martin.


Your Brain Will Seriously Thank You

When you slow down your body and your schedule, your brain suddenly has the time to rest. With that extra bandwidth, it naturally starts to create. You have time to think, process, and even make room for new adventures in your life. Self development doesn’t mean just go, go, go, but also, relax, mediate, breathe. Progression starts in the mind so give it time to rest.